Putting forth the question of how we perceive the world around us is no simple task. In Perception of Consequence, Kamil Nawratil, co-founder of Brooklyn-based VFX and projection design studio Volvox Labs explores the idea of consequence and interconnectedness of systems. His personal project is a multi-dimensional animation project based on constraints of motion set by the rules of physics. Two fluid-evolving forms simulated to represent the evolving state of human emotions are projected against a 15’ interlocking structure. Control-activated whirlwinds heighten the dynamic movement within the space as the system evolves from an organic form to chaos. Visual, auditory, tactile, 'Perception of Consequence' integrates the viewer into the system and toys with the balance between organic and artificial, chaos and equilibrium. The result is technology that touches upon something innately human.

If you find yourself in New York, "Perception of Consequence is on view May 23 at the Visual Arts Gallery.