A set of three internet-connected ambient lights, FABRICA’sPatch of Sky lets you share the sky above you – in real-time – with friends and family, wherever they may be. Designed simply but strikingly, the mirrors gather weather information based on your Facebook location, displaying it with one of eleven clever animations that simulate common weather conditions.

Each Patch of Sky is registered with a Facebook account, connected to the internet using BERGCloud, a hardware and software solution for the Internet of Things. Made in three different sizes, the mirrors can be placed on tables or hung on walls – a comforting reminder of loved ones and the skies above them.

Whilst keeping in touch with people through social media has brought us all closer together, it’s refreshing to see products being developed that take a less glaring, more subtle approach to connectedness. Somewhat similar to the Place Lamp we looked at last week, it's another example of simple, unobtrusive design that uses modern technology to serve a wider function.