Making eco-friendly travel even greener, graduates from the Royal College of Art have designed bicycle helmets created from mulched-up paper.

Tom Gottelier, Bobby Petersen and Ed Thomas took the London’s well-read and discarded daily newspapers from tubes and buses around the city, and turned them into pulp. Held together with a natural adhesive, already present in the paper, the helmets are vacuum-formed into shape and then heated to dry out. With a bevelled inner surface to add structure and impact absorption, the straps slot into grooves allow it to be clipped under the chin in standard helmet fashion.

Despite the materials they're made from, these helmets meet the helmet requirements of European safety regulations. Designed to service the city’s burgeoning ‘Boris Bike’ trend, and at £1 apiece they’re certainly better than having no helmet. With New York having recently debuted its bicycle sharing scheme, it evident there’s a gap in the market for low-cost safety equipment - these helmets are well-placed to fill that gap.