The iPad's has a new turntable app: Pacemaker. We’ve seen plenty of applications over the last few years, available across several platforms, that aimed to open up DJing for everybody, helping the budding amateur feel like Pete Tong. However with its thoughtfully intuitive design, and the ability to source music from Spotify, Pacemaker stands out from the crowd.

In a market that is close to becoming over-saturated with DJ apps, the unique selling point for Pacemaker is its ability to connect with Spotify – the first DJ-app to do so. Not only can you ensure high quality music is kept in rotation, but it has full access to streaming music from Spotify’s entire 20-million song catalogue, for free. With access to 20 million songs and the app available at no cost, this makes the art of DJing available for just about anybody.

It's interesting to see the potential our ever increasing connectivity has, the implications in this case being that no longer would DJs necessarily need to lug around record cases, as they'd now have the world's music library at their fingertips.