NetWorldMap wants to map the net?s IP addresses to geographical locations. A worthy aim indeed: add your IP to the list and tell ?em where you live. And check this: the Project offers free info on the geographical location of hits to your site?To date over 56,000 people have assisted in the project, with over 7,000 joining the project?s mailing list, and over 27,000 leaving their mark in the projects hall-of-fame. These conributions have resulted in the first NetWorldMap service: the Geographic Location Resolution Server (GLRS), which can automatically tabulate your Web site’s traffic by place of origin, logging visitors from all over the world and allowing you to drill down from country through region or state to the nearest city level. The potential, of course, is enourmous. Those who?ve spent frustrated hours wondering just how many of the ?.com? domains that hit their site come from the States, and how many from home, will now be able to find satisfaction.  All you need to do is cut and paste a bit of code into your HTML, display a tiny advert for the project, and you?re away. You?ll be able to track how many hits came from each region of the country, from specific cities, and in which month. The project: www.networldmap.comGLRS: