Nail art has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, a trend which no doubt owes much to the opening of nail boutiques such as East London's WAH nails and Sophy Robson's pop up shop.

Nailphilia, which has opened its doors in’s Vyner St Gallery, has taken it one step further. With the cuticle as a tiny canvas, the exhibition takes work by some of the most established nail artists and technicians, including the legendary Sue Marsh and presents it as art. Despite having defected to the world of lashes, Sue’s work is still some of the most visionary in this field. Her couture pieces, including miniature snakes that pull away from the fingers, sit next to exaggerated nail jewellery (such as Laruicci’s claws, made for Beyonce) and other pieces by lesser known nail technicians with a much more high street, colour-pop feel.

Having long been seen as an accessory, rather than a feature in their own right, it is refreshing to see that nails are finally taking centre stage. Nailphilia runs until the 25th September at the Vyner Street Gallery.