Rather than fumble with over-complicated controls, a Finnish company has produced a speaker that combines high-tech wizardry with a decidedly lo-fi and minimal aesthetic.
Making its debut as an unsuccessful Kickstarter, Unmonday's Model 4.3 is now up for grabs - following a $1 million cash injection from a private investor. A hexagonal speaker system, the device can be controlled by orientation with each of its six sides representing a separate audio channel. Rotating Model 4.3 can alternate the sound from front/rear right and front/rear left or centre, or change from Mono to multi-room or full stereo. Unmonday boasts Model 4.3 is Apple-native meaning music can be easily synchronised from iOS devices.
Contained within is a 10.3 inch driver that can generate 20 watts of power, an amplifier, motion sensors and a router. Each vitro porcelain enclosure and replaceable canvas grill is handmade, giving every set of speakers a subtly unique appearance.
In image and function Model 4.3 is reminiscent of the Aether Cone, a conical sound system that cuts down on unnecessary features and promises to become your own personal sonic curator. Another smart speaker is Raspberry-Pi-powered Chune, a simple but intriguingly designed device that collects playlists and turns them into a single joint-up mixtape.