Using the same Pandora box attack strategem as the love bug, I-worm disguises itself as an enquiry from a Swiss internet company looking for new programmers. If you are boring enough to respond to such a request then once the text enclosure is opened, I-worm infiltrates Outlook Express and disperses dark code to all addressees.Kaspersky Lab’s examination of the I-worm has revealed a nasty and extensive re-codification of the love bug. I-worm has the ability to download continuously updating worms and horses from across the net, thus theoretically allowing hackers to trash your data in real time.One of the more malevolent trojan horses that I-worm accesses is Hooker, which data jacks all your variable data i.e. user keystrokes, id’s, passwords and so on and relays the information to anonymous mailboxes world-wide.Kaspsersky Lab is still in the process of considering and monitoring the behaviour of the virus. As yet, no date has been set for the release of a vaccine.