Bored of the standard finger-to-touchscreen action people employ to operate their smartphones, a group of San Francisco creatives known as, ahem, Β Club Sexy Time have designed an app with a new form of sensuality at its core. Lick is an app that trains your tongue to make you a better licker, explicitly with the bedroom in mind. Originally born from the idea to create a lick olympics-style game, the team quickly realised potential users were more likely to engage if they incorporated a bit of bawdy humour into the mix. Call it human nature.

Users can choose from a range of exercises like turning a virtual light switch on and off, or bouncing a ball, to develop new and useful tongue skills. These exercises are completed by licking your phone’s screen in the prescribed fashion. Whilst licking grubby glass might not be in the best interest of your health, Club Sexy Time recommend wrapping your phone in thin plastic first to avoid picking up germs. As the app’s creators say, practice makes pleasure. Find the app here.