Ever wished your phone doubled as a Geiger counter? Helping you navigate your way through radiation fields. No? Perhaps it's electromagnetic fields your more concerned about?

Well you're in luck. Lapka, is a personal environmental monitor that connects to your phone informing you of the unseen qualities of your surroundings. Fitting together into a beautifully designed set, Lapka includes four independent sensors which feed information to an iPhone app, helping you better understand and manage environmental levels in your life.

The highly sensitive sensors can detect invisible particles, ions, molecules and wavelengths in the air. This data is then fed to the app displaying analysis on radiation levels, electromagnetic fields, humidity and even the organic levels of your food – through analysing nitrate and pesticide levels.

Currently in prototype stage, the consumer device is planned for release at the end of the year. The monitor continues a trend we've noticed and named Citizen Science: where consumer facing devices are helping people further understand and take ownership of their environments.