Jeanneret | Chandigarh : Fauteuils Universitie

Unlike the rest of the Mid-Century design crew who seem to have priced these items in accordance to prices set at the first round of astronomical auctions, these guys are selling Pierre Jenneret Furniture at sensible real world prices. (โ€šร‡ยจ8000 chair for ยฌยฃ800 here?) If you want something a little different in your pad, check these out. "We have done a great deal of business out in India & Pakistan for over 30 years, buying commodities of interesting architectural antiques and salvage from all over India; from the beaches at the Ship-breakers, to gem-seeking in the mountains. When this beautifully simple furniture, designed by Pierre Jeanneret, started to be sold off by the local Government, we looked on as a European dealer bought as much as he could find, auctioned them off, and set sky high prices. As a result of this auction the local officials in Chandigarh set up a committee to control the rest of the pieces and artefacts to make sure that nothing was sold without strict controls. However we were still able to aquire and amass a reasonably sized collection over a small period of time and make them available to all those interested."