Interacket from jan anders ekroll on Vimeo.

Last week we spoke about how it was important for digital fashion to grow independently from wearable tech and how when the two find their respective feet, fashion and function may be allies once and for all. Until then, digital fashion can keep experimenting.

Drap og Design is a creative/design agency launched by four recent graduates from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design who have entered the fashion game, throwing caution to the wind.

Inspired by the camouflage of chameleons and squids, their first product, the Interacket is a light overcoat that changes colour according to what you touch. The outer layer of the jacket is just a simple painter's suit, while the inner layer is made of a reflective foil created from emergency heating blankets. The jacket works using two Arduino chips and a colour sensor made by the DIY electronics kit company Adafruit. The sleeves are lined with red, green, and blue LED lights

While the Interacket's practical application seems limited to cyclists, runners and ravers, it seems unlikely that this will be the first and last colour-changing jacket we’ll see.

The new FES Watch is another example of experimental digital fashion, offering a choice of watch faces and straps, all on the same piece.