3D films have, for better or worse and particularly over the summer blockbuster period, become the norm. 3D projections, however, are still making a transition from the realms of science fiction to reality. Imagination Farm USA has produced and designed the first hologram projector for smartphone and tablet. HOLHO enhances existing smartphone or tablet by attaching a variety of specialised tools to the screen, and projecting a holographic image within the tool's sight field.

To create this effect, the HOLHO pyramid is placed above or underneath the smartphone or tablet. Once positioned, the screen reflects the images on the four faces of the Pyramid, creating an optical illusion that generates a hologram in the center

Although Imagination Farm USA is beginning with smaller devices for smartphones and tablets, they appears to be working towards larger formats in the future. Devices of this nature will likely further heighten the potential for interactive entertainment and while it’s unsure if people are ready for their own personal holographs, it is certainly one of the more futuristic advances on any smartphone platform from a third party source.