A new Apple watch app monitors your heart rate to find the Tinder matches you really want

Hands-Free Tinder is a new app for the Apple Watch that detects the wearer’s heart rate and matches you accordingly. As you scroll through Tinder matches the watch’s heart rate monitor detects any changes to your pulse, taking any increases as a sign of interest, and a decrease as the opposite

“When you use traditional tinder, you’re using your head to choose a match,” explain the creators at design agency T3. “With this version you choose with your heart” – literally. The idea is that changes in heart rate are unconscious and immediate, so T3 believes that these are more accurate readings of your attraction to potential matches. Unfortunately the app is unable to tell why your pulse rises, so you’d better hope you don’t come across any truly terrifying matches.

Yesterday we saw how companies are capitalising on the intimacy of wearable tech with Deus Ex Aria, another product that allows you to perform commands without touching the device, using sensors to detect users’ finger gestures.