A new Kickstarter campaign wants you to start thinking about sub-aqua farming

Italian organisation Ocean Reef Group want to revolutionise how we grow food. Their project, Nemoโ€™s Garden, is demonstrating an alternative method to food production that has the potential to create completely natural products using very little energy.

Nemoโ€™s Garden is a collection of greenhouses growing food on the ocean floor off the Noli Coast in Italy. The food is grown inside small bubbles 30 meters beneath sea level, that are filled with CO2 air.

While it might sound peculiar at first, the under-water environment is ideal for growing food โ€” thereโ€™s a naturally consistent temperature, plenty of sunlight, and lots of water. Thereโ€™s also no threat of bugs, droughts, or floods. The team have already proved that the sea bubbles enable increased growth rates with the likes of basil, strawberries and lettuce in plentiful supply.

Realising the need for sustainable and eco-friendly farming, many food producers are looking towards alternative methods of production and sale. Nemoโ€™s Garden has the potential to provide a responsible and environmentally friendly solution to how we grow food.

Nemoโ€™s Garden is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.