Good news for those who dream of becoming Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt – Google is moving  out of the ‘project’ phase for Google Glass and has opened up a trial of the product to “creative  individuals” and developers.

Originally launched last year, Project Glass is a research and development project from the  company’s futuristic Google X Lab, with the purpose of creating an augmented reality head-mounted  display.

Beginning with the hashtag #ifihadglass,  Google are inviting people to become ‘Glass Explorers’ by using Twitter or Google+ to tell the  company what they’d do with the futuristic eyewear. If successful, the applicant will need to pre-order  a Glass Explorer Edition (for a mere $1,500 plus tax) and attend a special pick-up in person at events  in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. They’ll also be the first non-employees to test all aspects  of the technology, from built in voice recognition, hands-free video recording and photo and video  capture.

Wearable technology is a major growth area for hardware makers this year but we’re impressed with  Google’s accompanying social media campaign. It’s not particularly ground-breaking, but it should get people talking, which is exactly what Google want.