Records are making a comeback. We’ve discussed Beck’s record player, Jack White’s triple decker record, wooden records, x-ray records, but this record just might be the most exciting of them all. Canadian label Kelp Records has released world’s first double-sided Fisher-Price record single, featuring Ottawa-based synth-pop group Hilotrons. Issued exclusively for the beloved 1970s children’s toy, the double-sided release features “My Number” and “Not There Tonight” from the group’s 2012 album At Least There’s Commotion. Unfortunately, due to the toy’s limitations, the record features only 25 seconds of music, including half a verse and half of chorus of each song.

Kelp label founder Jon Bartlett got the idea upon seeing the work of Fred Murphy, a designer who had hand milled a record of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” for Fisher-Price player. Barlett, a fan of the toy himself, had the idea to release a double-sided record. Nearly a year later, Murphy wrote an entire software program to convert the music into a playable record. The result is as innovative as it is nostalgic

Due to cost, only five copies were made and released as part of a $99 package set that included Fisher Price Record Player, original Fisher Price disco collection, and a vinyl copy of At Least There’s a Commotion. The package was sold exclusively at Toronto’s International Label Market at NXNE.