We’ve all seen rooftop gardensthat help to improve the air quality of their high density surrounds, but what if the materials of the building itself reduced atmospheric pollution?
Among a slew of more extroverted shortlist entries for the “Feeding The Planet, Energy For Life” themed Expo, which include robotic tractors and rooftop crops, Nemesi & Partners' winning entry takes a more direct approach.

The pavilion's external "skin" will be made from a unique type of cement which uses sunlight to accelerate the natural oxidation processes that already exist in nature, resulting in a faster decomposition and prevention of organic and inorganic pollutants. In short, this means less smog, fresh air, and a "self-cleaning" concrete that will maintain a brilliant white finish and reduce cleaning costs for years to come.

Other environmentally friendly features of the permanent pavilion include 80% recycled composite mortar and photovoltaic glass, which produces energy when exposed to light.