Following an earlier teaser mail this afternoon, ProteinTV the “original no-lifestyle” channel has announced plans for its premiere POD of top class programming on February First.

Launched last year by Protein Ltd. [the people who power this fine Feed], it has seen great online success from the independent video industry and film festival circuit. This announcement will surely propel ProteinTV to new highs of Internet broadcasting and help it achieve its goal of crossing over into Digital TV.

One of the pieces to be aired on February First is Chris Cunningham’s “Come On My Selector”, a classic warped vision of insanity through the eyes of a little girl and her dog. In an exclusive snippet of insider information, we can reveal that they are finalising clearance for Chris’ next video for the Aphex Twin, “Window Licker”, for inclusion within the April POD.

All sounds splendid, but we would say that. See for yourself and “be prepared to be redefined.”