For this yearโ€™s Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium, designers Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren, aka Glithero, have created a work that questions visitorsโ€™ relationship with artefacts after they have been taken down from the walls.

Displayed across several rooms in Broelmuseum, Fantoom consists in a series of holographic versions of classical works that have replaced the originals on their designated exhibition site. This way, Glithero invites viewers to ponder on the impermanence of the physical, as opposed to the immortality of the spiritual.

โ€Think about the discoloured imprint on wallpaper when a painting has been taken off the wall,โ€ says Glithero. โ€When an object that has been in our presence for a very long time is gone, it feels as if some of the object's virtues still remain in place."

To achieve this effect, the London-based studio employed a technique used in magic tricks, called the Peperโ€™s Ghost Illusion. This illusion uses light and oblique angled glass to reflect objects laid horizontally (in a box) onto the transparent surface so they appear to float in mid-air.

Interieur Biennale, an annual design festival, already took place in October, but those interested can still catch the Fantoom exhibition, which will remain on display until 14 December.