e Q is a sound installation that surveys what happens when the machines of the past collide with the machines of the future. It examines how sound has been mutated and transfigured by the manifold uses of soft / hardwares.

Sound has been one of the fundamental areas of invention and experimentation within art and technology culture, with practitioners quickly embracing new forms of production and exhibition. Technology now enables new forms of spatial, rhythmic and tonal juxtaposition within sound environments, with advances in algorithmic and chaos driven approaches to sound composition, prompting a paradigm shift within the field of experimental sound art.

e Q takes a critical approach to the uses of technology within sound art, investigating supposedly outmoded technological tools, in a rich complex of remembrances, placing antiquated instruments alongside current implements, provoking timely speculation about the consequences of aligning componentry systems strategically, as opposed to technologically.

e Q endeavours to transcend the technological and historical tic of our own era, and open up the space for exploration of the “unresolved issues of accelerating decrepitude, in-built redundancy and techno-waste” through the medium of sound. Any comments?