With the help of a little Near Field technology, the Commitment Rings promise to put an end to "the worst type of cheating".

Many external forces test relationships: from differences in taste, irrational jealousy and wage disparities to family interference and infidelity. But perhaps the most fatal misstep occurs when one partner watches ahead in a TV show they’ve been watching together.

Dubbed by ice cream brand Cornetto as “the worst type of cheating”, the storied purveyors of frozen desserts have developed ‘Commitment Rings’ to curb this harmful habit.

Despite sounding like the kind of jewellery high school sweethearts would issue to one another, once registered with a related app, the Commitment Rings will utilise Near Field Communications (NFC) that will allow Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and Hula TV series to be blocked.

When the rings are in close proximity, the app will pick up the signal and unblock the chosen series, allowing the couple to continue their viewing.

Box sets play a significant role in modern day relationships. A study by Sky Box Sets revealed that 12% of people would rather catch up on a show than have sex. A further 9% stated that they lost interest in a potential partner because they were a fan of a show they didn’t like.

The app itself is a work in progress, (although it will be available to both Android and iOS devices), and it’s not clear when the rings will be available for purchase. But couples who’re ready to make a “series commitment” can be kept in the loop of developments by registering here.