Veil launches a high-tech piece of sportswear for muslim women

Technology in clothing is a growing market, with brands offering both men and women innovative designs to encourage a better workout. But startup Veil saw a gap in the market. Muslim women who wear a Hijab to signify their beliefs were not being so well considered. That’s where Cool Dry comes in, the world’s first climate adaptable Hijab.

“I want my brand to inspire and encourage women who wear the hijab to go out and break barriers, whether it's becoming more active or making a difference in the world,” says 22-year-old Ahmad Ghanem, founder of Veil. Hijab is often a misunderstood concept having gained negative connotations as being oppressive. But Ghanem sees it differently. “If you asked the women who wear a hijab how they feel about it they'll probably tell you it's part of them and what they stand for. Their strength and perseverance is what drives the passion at Veil.”

Working with one of the most advanced, high-tech fabric companies in America, Cool Dry is composed of water repellent material for protection from the rain. This sweat-wicking headscarf also uses cooling technology to reflect an impressive 80% of sunlight. By keeping the fabric up to 7-10 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler, the hijab is ideal for working out, unlike traditional headscarves. Veil also considers its wearers comfort by sealing fabric edges with lasers for a streamlined, more agreeable finish. Find out more about Cool Dry on Kickstarter, where the company has already reached almost $12,000 over their $5,000 goal.