If you could visualize a conversation what would it look like? Berlin based design studio Onformative recently released this beautiful graphic visualizing the Skype communication between the two founders, Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer, leading up to the launch of their company.

Encompassing all of their Skype corespondence spanning from their first online meeting in 2008 to a New Years Eve conversation almost 3 years later. The duo sent a total of 62,676 messages, or some 2,531,434 characters, over a time that saw their first conversation, the development of their design book Generative Gestaltung, first projects together as a team, creation of their studio, and even the planning of the poster itself.

One main piece and a number of smaller more graphics, the poster tracks their online conversation over time displaying in-depth breakdowns and monthly character averages. Take a look at Onformative’s Flickr for more images of this well designed, informative piece of how a conversation could look graphically.