The designers of the new Coldplay album cover, have created a very Protein-esque cryptic logo which echoes every modernist school of painting from suprematism to De Stijl, however it didn't take for the fans to crack it.

To some it is, however, a cross between The Da Vinci Code and Fermat's last theorem and the designers themselves cite 1940s mathematical abstraction. A great brain-teaser of our time? Is it phallic? Is it a coded celebrity portrait? Guys, guys, the Guardian asks - have you thought of asking: is it art?

As you can see above, Coldplay fans have succeeded in cracking the code featured on the bands new cover art. The band astounded fans last week when they launched the artwork for the eagerly awaited new album 'X & Y', featuring a series of cryptic colour-coded blocks. Now it has been discovered that the actual blocks are graphical representations loosely based on a binary code known as 'Baudot', which generates a base5 binary representations for each letter or character in the western alphabet.