Brazilian creatives are combating sexism in advertising with a new feminist beer

In response to the seemingly perpetual problem of sexism in advertising, a team of creatives in Brazil has launched a feminist beer, Cerveja Feminista. The campaign takes particular aim at the beer industry for having long objectified women through its marketing.

“Brazilian advertisers must take responsibility and know that portraying women as objects endorses men to think of females as a possession and, ultimately leads to violence,"
explain the team behind the beer, describing the severity of the situation. "In fact, a woman is killed every 90 minutes in Brazil due to domestic violence.”

The team created an Irish red ale (red being the symbolic colour for social causes), paying particular attention to the branding. On the bottle’s label, a hybrid of the traditional gender symbols is intended to remind people that feminism is about gender equality and that beer can be consumed by both men and women.

While Brazil may still be struggling with equality in advertising, elsewhere in the world the industry is catching up with the times and abandoning the sexist tropes it’s relied on for so long. In the latest Protein Journal our Sexless Sells article looks at the shifts in advertising as a response to larger groundswell of feminist activism.