Brewing your own beer is perhaps a prospect many people find too intimidating to try, however, with the right equipment a home brewery may not be that out of reach. Belfast based group of designers and developers, Cargo, have come up with a smart appliance to make brewing at home (or at the office, wherever you'd like) more feasible. All using a smartphone app that guides the unexperienced brewer through the process, that acts as a remote to customise and tweak the beer as it brews.

To get started on the road to home brewing, simply buy the necessary ingredients from a local brew shop or online shop, set up the recipe on the app and connects your iPhone to the Brewbot via Bluetooth. After sending all the information to the brewing machine, the app will give clear instructions on when to add the grains or how long to wait for the brew to ferment while keeping you in the loop of all the processes going on inside.

Independently produced, artisanal products, particularly beer, have popular for a while now, so it makes sense that enabling the consumer to also be the producer is the next logical step on this path.