Roughly 100,000 people are born every 12 hours. In the same amount of time around 70,000 people will die. Artist Sam Winston has chosen these awe-inspiring facts for the basis of a hand-drawn data visualisation project, which has seen him draw a circle for every birth and death in a waking day.

Illustrating the vitality of the relationship between statistical information and artistic practice, 'Birthday' will be showing for free at the Southbank Centre on 27th-29th January 2012.

If you'd like to celebrate a life, the project is accepting commemorations via e-mail where a circle will be drawn for each name. The exhibition is an inspiring display of the beauty of statistical information, and how such datasets can be transformed into hand drawn infographic pieces. By heading over to the projects website, you can see the project broken down into individual stages and discover how such an intricate and laborious piece was constructed.