There are various ways for a company to showcase the appeal of their working environment, and consequentially improve their overall brand image; and some are subtler than others.

In an effort to tempt prospective South Korean employees and build up some brand positivity, Samsung have created a (second) sitcom series, the premise being what a ruddy good time everyone has at Samsung HQ.

Best Future is an online musical sitcom, set in Samsung’s actual company offices, featuring a good-looking young couple; Chaego (which means ‘best’ in Korean) and Mirae (which means ‘future’). The six part series tells a tale of work, life and relationships within the Samsung fold, with musical interludes featuring hit songs from the eighties and nineties keeping the tone nicely kitsch. Expect product placement to be more brazen than ever.

Scoff as you will, Samsung’s first foray into the sitcom world Endless Energy, racked up over 5.5 million views last year. Advertising is an ever-evolving industry, to stay ahead of the game, brands will have to explore risky, unfamiliar territory like this.