Its a new year, and so what better time than now to bare your soul and reveal your sexual anecdotes to complete strangers. A new journal is about to launch from Alex Tieghi-Walker (one of the guys behind Tale of Three Cities), which will feature a totally anonymous, unabridged collection of sexual encounters submitted by the general public. The stories will be real, candid and awkward - things that make you both laugh and wince.

The journal needs submissions - there's no word count, no tone, no time range or age group - anyone can submit anything. They aren't going to sub the copy, it's going to be true and as received. Remember to keep those that feature in your story anonymous too (using false names or otherwise); they don't want to publish any whoopsies or let any cats out of bags.

To submit just log in to (password: anonymous02) and email your story to by January 6.

Get submitting!