encounter is an experimental project exploring online relationships. The aim of the project is to examine the potential and development of relationships initiated within a remote environment, where physical presence and personality are interpreted through a computer screen and identity can be re-created on a whim.

"encounter" will take the form of a conversation between two anonymous people, the artist initiating the project (anon1) and another artist invited through a call for participants (anon2). The artists will not use their real names, focusing all knowledge of each other purely on what is said as part of the conversation and allowing the relationship to start from a blank slate, not knowing the other's gender, location or previous work. The dates and times are as follows March 16th - April 14th (GMT): March 20th 7pm

March 27th 7pm

April 3rd 7pm

April 10th 7pm


(Source: Ninfomania NewsWire)