We’ve seen machines that give coffee to those who yawn and beer to those with a Canadian passport but what if it were possible to be rewarded for doing absolutely nothing? Amstel Bulgaria introduced an installation that asks the participant to do absolutely nothing, and for their troubles, awards them with a free beer. Conceptualised by creative agency Next-DC, Amstel Pause asks participants to approach the vending machine where they will literally do nothing for 3-minutes. That means no phone calls, no texting, no chatting, or moving, just standing patiently while the timer counts down until a cold Amstel arrives.

Located outside the Serdika subway stop in Sofia, Bulgaria, a total of 1,344 beers were dispensed and that had participants collectively waiting a total of 67 hours for beer. Everyone deserves a break at the end of the day and Amstel Pause proves that sometimes a little inspiration (and booze) is needed to clear the mind for a few minutes.

Serving as another innovative take on the traditional vending machine, Amstel Pause is a good example of brands finding creative ways to get products into the hands of their customers.