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Finally, you guys get the first listen to Nicole and Ida from Softer talking about new pathways for creativity and Lucy Stone from Climate Spring on a mission to change the environmental narrative. They’re all incredible humans with relevant and important stories to share, so definitely worth a listen 🌀



We asked some of the Protein Agency team what they can’t stop thinking about:

  • Joanna is obsessing over Toby Shorin's new research venture, Care Culture. This long-read reframes 'the loneliness epidemic' as 'the loneliness apparatus', and explores the many social institutions, regulatory decisions, policy programs, scientific research and public messages that are implicated in loneliness. She's also loving and Dirt's Scent Access Memory series — especially the Worldly Things essay.
  • Gursharan is fascinated with Margie the hun, by far the best application of AI she'd ever seen and takes a peek into the most under celebrated community, the huns, and Brenda Hashtag's podcast Brendawareness.
  • Hannah wants to spotlight Arab and Muslim voices in a positive way by reshaping the one dimensional narratives on who they are. Her highlights are the Hyphenated podcast - a 360-degree view of Muslim life in Britain and Europe, and Watermelon Pictures, a newly launched Palestinian-owned film label that promises to make sure that, from now on, Palestines are seen in a multifaceted way.
  • Carlyn loves the recent earth day collab Clean Up The Ting with Are You Mad, Roding Rubbish and The North Face which motivated people to get outside and clean up as well as Everybody Eats, a guerrilla campaign that frees food from supermarkets back into the food banks. She’s also a big fan of the Polyester podcast, which unpacks the internet's obsessions through a pop culture informed feminist lens.

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Contributions this month have come from Anna Lena, Carlyn, Gursharan, Hannah, Hollie, Jara, Joanna, Leila, Leticia, Saoirse, Steffen, and Will.


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