On Friday 24th June, the United States Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v Wade, the landmark ruling that granted people the constitutional right to an abortion for the past 50 years. The decision serves as the official catalyst for abortion “trigger bans,” an automatic set of laws that have made abortion immediately illegal in the states that have voted to enact them over the years.

Abortion is now currently banned in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, and South Dakota while still under the direct threat of a ban or severe restrictions in at least another 24 other states. Access to abortion is threatened in more than half of the United States.

At Protein, we believe that abortion is a fundamental aspect of reproductive healthcare and safe, secure access to abortion is necessary for all. We’ve compiled an open list of resources for our members to join the fight to keep abortion legal in the United States. You can find it here 💕

In other news, we welcomed 80 new members to the Protein Community this week with our new NFT Season Passes. They’re just completing their 8-day onboarding journey under the careful stewardship of Deniz, our community lead; so if you’d like to join the next cohort and help build our Good Growth Goals:

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