If our Pre-season was laying the foundations, Season 1 is building the house.

1st November saw our new season launch after our members overwhelmingly voted in support of the proposal. This means over the next 2 months, we’ll be looking to establish Protein Community as an incubator of ideas that reflect our mission of good growth through education, expertise, and funding. We’re therefore ready to welcome new members, start building our Good Growth Framework 🌱 and launch our first $PRTN funded projects, so sign-up below if you’d like to get involved:

p.s. Make sure you have your Discord and ETH details ready!

p.p.s. If you’ve already applied, the team have been individually reviewing all 675+ submissions, so will be contacting everyone early next week ✨


We’ve also moved our Stories of Growth podcast into the world of Web3 and will be speaking to people who are putting communities first in order to manifest a more equitable and decentralised future. Kicking things off, we had Cooper Turley drop into the Protein Discord to chat about the creator economy, Friends with Benefits, and his love of Jack Harlow. Take a listen and you can keep track of all our upcoming events with this handy PRTN Events ical


Listen to this Rinse FM mix from Solid Blake with Client_03 for big electro bangers and a surprise human x machine interview halfway through 💜



You can also keep track of the events happening in the PRTN Discord with this handy PRTN Events ical


A special shot out to all our members who’ve contributed to this months Supplement: @artem @algoriddims @anaroman @chu @deniz @EVI @Fancy @gustavo @kes and expect to see lots more community curated content SOON™️

Until next month, your friends at Protein 💚


Protein is a place where people and ideas grow 🌱  We do this through our global community, agency, and studio space. We believe we’ve all got a responsibility to think and act bigger than ourselves and that "good growth" can only be achieved by balancing progress, profit, and purpose.

Yes, we really have published 685 issues of this newsletter. The first Protein Supplement was sent on 17th September 1997 to 14 people and (other than a few breaks over the years) has always aimed to distill what’s happening at the intersection of culture and technology into a concise and accessible digest. If you’re interested in digging into the (incomplete) archive, you can here.

You can also find us on Discord, Mirror, Twitter and Insta. We always like to hear from you and how we can improve what we do, so if you want to get in touch about anything, please use this form.