For those that missed it, we launched our $PRTN token and genesis NFT two weeks ago with a panel on What is good growth? featuring Sirsu, Priyanka Kanse, Claire Yurika and Sterling Proffer. It was pretty dope, if we do say so ourselves. Since then, our 70 or so Founding Members have been collaboratively discussing, defining and building the next iteration of the Protein Community to get ready for our Season 1 launch in a few weeks 💛 So, if this sounds like your thing and you’d like to join our mission to redefine good growth you can …

(p.s.  If you’ve applied and haven’t heard back yet, we’ll be contacting you via email when our Season 1 launches)


  • Looking for a beautiful new workspace in the heart of Shoreditch? Come and join the Protein Studios family for six months and get a free month on us! 👍


This month’s mix is from Amaliah, a London based DJ whose been making waves  with her Borne Fruits radio shows on Balamii and Threads Radio. Her selections provide something for everyone but always bring the fruity vibes!



A special shot out to all our members who’ve contributed to this months Supplement: @alexwilson @anaroman @dindindeniz @eliot @gustavo @nataliecrue @sterling @tommann @yurikush and expect to see lots more community curated content coming SOON™️

Until next month, your friends at Protein 💚


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Yes, we really have published 684 issues of this newsletter. The first Protein Supplement was sent on 17th September 1997 to 14 people and (other than a few breaks over the years) has always aimed to distill what’s happening at the intersection of culture and technology into a concise and accessible digest. If you’re interested in digging into the (incomplete) archive, you can here.

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