If there’s one thing you should read this month, it’s CogDis Studios’ Manifesting Utopia. Building on our New Spirituality Report from 2016, it beautifully decodes our collective unknowns whilst tapping into the human truth that our future reality is defined in our own minds, so maybe we *can* manifest utopia together 👁️⁠  Luckily for you, we chatted to Claire Yurika (one of the CogDis co-founders) a few months back, so as a Supplement subscriber you get the first listen of it right here.

In other news, we’re shortly launching a $PROTEIN community token, so if you don’t want to miss out, make sure you’re signed up to Protein and keep an eye on the #crypto feed ...


AZEEMA is a print magazine, platform, and community exploring women + non-binary folk within the MENASA regions, diasporas, and beyond. Celebrating their 4th birthday this week, they also know how to throw down a decent mixtape, so be sure to check their Soundcloud for the vibes.




  • As mentioned above, we’re going to be launching our own $PROTEIN community token, so make sure you’re signed up Protein to keep up-to-date on all announcements 🚀
  • Fellow SeedClub cohorters have just launched AfroFuture, a digital community celebrating Africa’s past and inspring its future
  • In case you missed it, $MIRROR is like Medium, but owned by the community
  • Artist Seth Price in conversation with curator Michelle Kuo about what NFTs mean for contemporary culture


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