And you thought 2020 was nuts …

We’re only eight days into the new year and you’ve already told us how messed up everything feels. From the inexcusable scenes in Washington, National lockdowns across Europe and -10C snow storms in the UK, 2021 is already looking like another crazy ride.

But fear not, the Air epoch is among us and you’ve got your trusted round-up of toasty links to warm you up, bring back the vibes and remind us of times like these. So if you’re looking for another comfort blanket to the world outside, we’ve pulled together an extra strong line-up of events to get you through January. And, if you ever need a distraction, a chat or to take your mind off things … you know what you need to do:


  • Our next DIRTY WORDS report is dropping early Feb, so if you’re wondering how brands can be more authentic, why people are dumping Instagram and what the future of influence is, then leave your details here



  • Daily - Our friends at FRAME have taken their incredible classes online to keep you moving all day errrrrday, so if you’re looking for some Cher-obics or Beyonce barre, head this way. Remember, Protein Studios members get FREE classes 💯
  • Daily - Want to accelerate performance, increase productivity, communication, confidence, focus, alleviate stress, anxiety, fatigue and help reduce negative emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and depression? Yeah, we thought you might … sounds like you need some Breathpod in your routine
  • 13th Jan - Ethics in Street and Documentary Photography is a discussion around the responsibilities that come with documentary photography with Simon King
  • 14th-30th Jan - gal-dem present Rest and Reset, ⁣covering everything from spirituality and wellbeing, to finances and culture – all led by incredible creatives and experts
  • 16th Jan - What’s My Purpose? This free LGBTQ+ workshop equips participants with new self-care and empowerment tools for personal growth; challenging self-imposed narratives and bringing more awareness to the impact that our stories can have on deciding our own future
  • 20th Jan - Yoga with Gina is a 60 minute meditation, Vinyasa, and Yoga Nidra with our very own Gina Stewart that's suitable for all levels. It's happening at 7pm GMT and an optional donations is appreciated
  • 21st Jan - Protein Members Meet-up 👋
  • 25th Jan - Rules of Growth a free workshop with Protein Founder & CEO, William Rowe, to help you grow your business, your team or yourself in a sustainable way
  • 30th Jan - Play Your Self is a free LGBTQ+ workshop using script-writing as a tool for self-enquiry. You'll be guided through a simple process of character building and story telling, exploring the protagonist and antagonist of your own personal narrative
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Until next month. Hold tight and stay safe ♥️

Your friends at Protein.


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