Well done. You made it to December 🎉

Trump is out, a vaccine is around the corner and people are starting to feel good again. And the best bit? In 28 days we can say adiós to the sh*tshow that is/was 2020.

This month we’re responding to this wish for a “TV guide for all the awesome knowledge sharing going down” … I hope it doesn’t disappoint Jacqui 🙃  TIP: If you want to get your project or event featured here and on our Insta Stories, make sure you post it here before the end of the month.

Finally, we’ve made a new home for the Supplement on Substack, which has got us feeling all nostalgic, as our first few hundred issues were all plain text and “designed” in a time when ASCII art was (still is) a thing. It also gives us an excuse to (slowly) republish our entire 674 issue 23 year archive, so if you have any old issues lurking in your Inbox, please send them our way. The earliest one we can find is #160 from 4th April 2003, which coincidentally included this post:

Funny how things come around. Anyway, enough of the past, here’s our round-up of what you should be looking out for in the future and if you can’t wait a whole month for your next Supplement, make sure you join the Protein Community to get the daily updates:



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That’s all for this month. Enjoy the holidays (you deserve it) and see you all again in 2021 🙌


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