It’s been a while, how are you feeling?

As the U.K. heads back into another national lockdown and the dust (hopefully) settles on the U.S. election, we thought it would be a good moment to refresh and restart our monthly Supplement. So, here’s the latest round-up of what’s been going on at Protein and within our community. TIP: If you want your project or event to be included next month, make sure you sign-up and post it here 👈

  • Can’t WFH? Book a desk in our beautiful Shoreditch workspace
  • Join our next Rules of Growth session to help you grow your business, your team or yourself in a sustainable way
  • Sign-up to “What's My Purpose?” A free LGBTQ+ self-empowerment workshop
  • Get your Protest Scarfs here

That’s all for this month. Stay safe folks and see you on the other side 🤙

SMALL PRINT: Yes, we really have published 673 issues of this newsletter. The first one was sent on 17th September 1997 to 14 people and (other than a few breaks over the years) has always aimed to distill what’s happening in the world into useful digest. We have a few more subscribers now, so we should really put an archive together someday.