There’s really no good working definition for authenticity. It’s one of those slippery words that can mean just about anything, and as a result, often ends up meaning nothing at all. Rampant overuse (and egregious misuse) has rendered it all but meaningless, and yet we can’t quite seem to quit it. Add a liberal use by politicians, media and brands and what was once a word of great significance has now lost all authenticity. As our next DIRTY WORD, we'd love to know what does it mean to be truly authentic today?

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Stories of Growth is our new series of conversations with modern day business leaders who share their stories of growth and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Listen now on all your favourite platforms.

Upcoming events


Protein Studios x They Made This: William Luz

We've partnered with They Made This to curate our artist residency programme and we're excited to announce the 3rd artist is William Luz. You can see his work upstairs at Protein Studios.


Twin Store: Sample Sale

Twin Store, London's no.1 destination for LA fashion, invites you to their end of season sale. You will also find steals from Les Boys Les Girls, Ragyard, Good News London & Jumper 1234. Protein Members get an extra 20% off.


Paloma Wool Pop Up

¡Hola amigos! Paloma Wool are continuing their world tour and will be here at Protein Studios this month. We can't wait!


Digital Fashion: HOT:SECOND

HOT:SECOND is a world first circular economy concept store trading physical goods for digital experiences. Founder Karinna Nobbs has collaborated with innovation studio Holition and 3D artist Emily Spitzer to allow you to immersively experience digital fashion garments from pioneering brands including The Fabricant, Carlings and Christopher Raeburn. The purpose of the experience is to challenge the notion of clothing ownership and the “currency” of the store is the donation of an unwanted physical garment (the target is to “save” 500 pieces of clothing from landfill during the 4 days).



*** Date Change *** Our latest report lays out the drivers that have given rise to new consumer behaviours as well as the brands and businesses that are embracing this change. First up is cannabis and CBD, so if you'd like to attend please email:

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