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This month we’re obsessing about progress, getting things done and moving things forward. So, whether you’re a founder, co-worker, side hustler or freelance folk, you should find something here to help you grow.

Stories of Growth

Liv Little

Stories of Growth is our new series of conversations with modern day business leaders who share their stories of growth and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. We’ll be releasing four episodes every month in all your favourite places.

Upcoming events


Groundtruth at Protein Studios

Groundtruth’s bags are created using their own unique polymer derived from plastic taken from the ocean, cementing their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry. They're doing a week long pop-up shop at Protein Studios, in Shoreditch.


HTRK & Anika Live at Fold

HTRK (fka Hate Rock Trio, first UK performance in over five years) anika. DJ: Pandora's Jukebox aka Yasmina Dexter,  Ossia, Trevor Jackson.


Bao Bao Issey Miyake at Protein Studios

Issey Miyake presents BAO BAO VOICE for London Design Festival. An interactive event that displays the unique design and aesthetic of the brand’s iconic bags in an immersive experience.


Arcade Collection at 7 Club Row

Arcade Collection: a collection of unique and limited-edition design objects, created by leading artists and designers, commissioned by Relay at part London Design Festival.


Everpress 50/50 at Protein Studios

Everpress return to Protein Studios for their second 50/50 project - 50 limited-edition T-shirts have been designed by 50 leading artists in response to the theme of VISIBILITY including Jean Julien, Vivek Vadoliya, Hanger Inc, Jai Paul, BBZ and gal-dem, all to encourage discussion and raise crucial funds for Justice4Grenfel.

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