Artist Gavin Turk and designer Hussein Chalayan have recently released a collaboration record called the 4 Minute Mile as part of Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion. Britain Creates is a project led by the British Fashion Council, Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation and the Mayor of London which aims to celebrate and strengthen the relationship between fashion designers and visual artists. Previous collaborations include Giles Deacon and Jeremy Deller creating a Lycra running suit and Matthew Williamson and Mat Colishaw's photographic prints.

For this collaboration, the duo used transcripts of an interview Chalayan did with Turk as their inspiration. Some of the transcript took shape as lyrics in a song, and from that the track '4 Minute Mile' emerged in reference to the speed record famously broken by Roger Bannister in 1954. The track begins with the pounding of running feet and the sound of heavy breathing which maintain a melodic tempo throughout. Over this, Turk reflects on art and his role as an artist while Chalayan provides the melody with a chanted echo and chorus.

Released on London's independent record label Vinyl Factory, the record is exclusive to 100 signed copies and will also be exhibited to the public as part of Britain Creates festival at the V & A from the 6th - 29th July. It's an interesting collaboration and a great homage to London's summer of sport.

Check it out here.