3D printing has, for years, been touted by many in the tech world as the 'next big thing'. Now it takes on a new, tasty turn, with the development of the 3D chocolate printer: the 'Choc Creator 1'. Slightly missing the Easter munchies rush, makers Choc Edge (headed by Dr Liang Hao from the University of Exeter) are giving sweet lovers the ability to custom create their own 3D treats. The printer will initially begin retailing on Ebay for £2,500 - a price only those with a real sweet tooth can afford.

Dr Hao says the product is aimed at 'creative users who love to experience new technologies, exploit broad technical settings and boundaries' and describes the printer as incredibly easy to use . The machine uses standard 3D design files, which are then transferred via a USB cable from your computer. After that,  'you just need to melt some chocolate, fill a syringe that is stored in the printer, and get creative printing your chocolate.' Creating this technology, however, has proved challenging, with chocolate requiring precise heating and cooling cycles.

With chocolatiers such as Thorntons showing interest, a Choc Creator 1 could be coming to a store near you. And Dr Hao does not plan to stop his chocolate experiments there - the future could hold a chocolate-oriented website. He explains, "Chocolate has a lot of social purpose, so our intention is to develop a community and share the designs, ideas and experience about it."