Founded as a radio show and evolving into a website, Little Atoms present their latest incarnation: issue one of their very first print magazine.

Traditional publications venturing into the digital world is an increasingly well-trodden route as the landscape shifts and cries of the looming death of print increase. Which is exactly what makes Little Atoms' leap into the print world all the more revealing.

Started in 2005 as a radio show, Little Atoms has become renowned for its insightful talks with the world's most interesting writers and thinkers, whose ideas they share with the world. After evolving into an educational cultural institution that presents podcasts, a website as well as host events, they decided to dive into the world of print and produce a physical embodiment of the brand.

Instead of merely trying to recreate their radio series in print form, they've made the most of the visual format and included an exclusive look at Jonathan Meade's new photography series, while Elle Hardy takes us across central Asia and Fergal Keane shares his meetings with refugees reaching the island of Lesbos.

The decision to release a print magazine allows a brand to exercise their ethos through previously inaccessible mediums, as well as give the reader a chance to take time out and indulge in something. This approacj is something we documented thoroughly in The Slow Report, which you can pick up online.

Get your hands on issue one of Little Atoms now, visit their website to find out where.