Vsoon have created the convenience store of the future
Operating under the tagline β€˜Vsoon has no idea what the world will look like in 2050’, Sari Suki 2050 is an installation taking part in the Phillipines, imagining the future in tropical climes. The installation takes place in an imagined convenience store in the city of Cebu, with a variety of products such as vintage water, canned air and nanobot cream chosen to reflect a range of possible futures.

β€œIn the seven weeks leading up to this exhibition our relationship with time has never felt more confused”, explain Vsoon, a New York based design research studio who created the exhibition. Β β€œOur relationship to space has never been more blurred, and the idea of the future has never appeared so trendy.”

The project is named after Sari Sari, a chain of stores that account for 40% of purchases in the Philippines – a space chosen for its ability to link the national economy to local communities and most effectively reflect how future change will affect the population.

Theoretical design is often used to explore the ways we might use products in the future, and can produce objects that might seem pretty outlandish – in the present day, at least. Take the Digestive Car, for example, that powers itself using cow stomachs.