The game is part of a larger campaign that not only shows off Google-related apps operating at their full potential but also taps local stories and influencers.

Google France and creative agency We Are Social have developed an online game that can be played in the physical world. The game, named Prèmièr Piece, (based on Google’s Escape Room concept), will cause participants to awaken their “spirit and ingenuity” as they solve a series of puzzles.

The interactive game taps into the contemporary trend of using physical and digital processes to create stimuli that will further engage consumers who are continually on the look out for entertaining and innovative experiences.

Early birds lucky enough to have booked tickets for Prèmièr Piece are charged with completing a series of interlinked but diverse puzzles in a specific order using Google Apps such as Maps, Hangout, Translate and Cardboard.

If successful, the collaborators will succeed in unlocking a part of a larger piece of artwork, or rescuing an imagined group of artists from a concealed room so that they can present their work at an art centre in Paris.

Those people not able to take part will have the opportunity to view proceedings live on YouTube. Not only that, but they’ll be able to influence events by issuing their own challenges, turning off the lights and even delivering pizzas to the players.

We Are Social have been working with Google France for a year and a half on social media strategy, community management and digital campaigns. Premier Piece marks the first of several interactive pieces Google will launch this year.