The Swedish band and Odd Division create an immersive audio-visual performance with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

To celebrate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Protein commissioned experience lab Odd Division and Swedish electronic band Little Dragon to create an art-meets-music installation that would highlight the design and software elements of the new handset.

The result was ‘Edge of the Universe’, a live performance unveiling a brand new musical interface that allows any number of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge devices, in any arrangement, to be combined into a wireless, mobile performance.

The event took place atop New York’s The New Museum, in their rooftop Sky Room, with sweeping views of the cityscape. Performing inside a prototype flying saucer, Little Dragon’s signature songs were merged with old audio recordings from NASA, giving fans the feeling of floating somewhere near the edge of the universe.

The space craft itself included an array of eighteen Samsung Galaxy S6 edge phones embedded into the installation’s surface, completely replacing the band’s normal instrument set-up. The devices created three separate instruments - a keyboard synthesiser, bass synthesiser and drum machine.

The interface was designed entirely custom for mobile phones by Odd Division and Little Dragon, based on the band’s own specific musical needs and visual cues for the audience. As the band touched, tilted and swiped, real-time representation of the band’s actions were projected  across the walls of the glass Sky Room, providing the audience with a truly immersive sound and visual experience.