If you hadn’t noticed (and how could you not?) everyone, everywhere is cycling. Increasingly, people are deciding to reject the uncomfortable and overcrowded public transport in favour of a bike, fresh air and the open road.   For this purpose, Levi’s have adapted their 511 range to suit the daily commuter. The cut of the products, the colour and the material have all been specifically designed to be cycle-friendly, with reflective trims, reinforced and water-resistant fabric and extra pockets to hold an iPod and U-lock. As Erik Joule, senior vice president of Levi’s Men’s Merchandising & Design says, “It’s about designing product for people who ride bikes, by people who ride bikes. We knew that our jeans were already being worn by urban cyclists across the country… we listened to what they wanted and created a product with performance traits for biking that also functions as daily street wear” Levi’s are one of the first brands to respond to this global trend, coming up with intuitive, practical designs that can be worn on and off the road. And without one bit of lycra or high-vis yellow, we think they’ve got it just right.