In a deliberate nod to the increasing appeal of physical musical media, Jack White's latest record will play differently to its digital equivalent, feature hidden tracks, and is chock full of aesthetic flourishes.
Lazaretto will become available in an "Ultra" edition, using special production techniques to hide two secret tracks, one that plays at 78 RPM and one at 45 RPM. As the LP is intended to be listened to at the normal 33.3 RPM, in total this becomes a three-speed record.

On Side A, the record - unusually - requires that the needle is placed on the inside of the record to work its way outwards, while the intro on Side B differs depending on where the needle is placed before the grooves ultimately blend into one. To top all this off, Side A sports a hologram from artist Tristan Duke in the form of an angel that appears to float between the groove and the label. The Ultra edition also has a different running order to the digital variety, zero compression was used during mastering, and the vinyl is pressed in a rare, flat-edged format.
Pre-orders are available from Third Man here.